Virgin Diet week 8 – Soy

I haven’t blogged about our Virgin Diet status in 2 weeks. Life has been crazy around here with Team D.

The end of the school year is fast approaching with all 3 kiddos. That means lots of visits to the schools for end of the year parties, teacher appreciation week, gifts to buy/wrap, cards to make and 1 last field trip for the girls. Let’s not forget the end of swim lessons and dance classes.  Need I say more about our busy lives?  I read this funny blog post the other day on Facebook and it really made me Laugh and is so my life with many year to come. You can read it here. Trust me it’s worth the read.

Weight loss update:

Bill – 32 lbs down

Gina – 21 lbs down

Still loosing but we have slowed considerably. Today we have a meeting at the YMCA with a trainer for some metabolic/calorie testing. I am still really not sure of all the things she will do with us but I will update.

Testing updates:

Corn – At first we both thought corn wasn’t posing any issues for us. However, after a few days Bill noticed he was very forgetful and just in a brain fog anytime he ate corn. In fact we were lying in bed one night after eating  too many Juanitas chips and he kept forgetting what he was saying. Then he sits up and says “it’s the corn, the corn is making me so foggy and forgetful”.  I may have laughed it off but another day when we had yet more of the Juanitas chips we both paid attention and Bill is right. The corn totally messed up our brains! So now the decision becomes give up corn and Juanitas forever or become foggy/forgetful people when we consume it. Huh, what did you say?

Soy – Well this turned out to be a BIG issue for me. Headaches every single time I consumed anything that contained it. I was really very surprised by this. I am not a headache person usually (meaning I don’t really get them) but Soy put me into full headache each time. I found Soy to be in spices, tuna fish and crackers. It’s really surprising how many things in your kitchen contain trace amounts of Soy. Before VD I don’t think these trace amounts of Soy really affected me. However, since we purged our bodies 8 weeks ago of crap my body is more in-tune and it noticed the nasty Soy right away.  It’s okay because women shouldn’t really eat a lot of Soy because of the all the extra estrogen that it has in it, which can lead to Breast Cancer.  As for Bill and Soy – well when he did test a little it did not bother him.

This week we are onto peanuts. And this morning at 3:15am that spoonful of peanut butter tasted HEAVENLY!!  I really have grown to love Almond butter these last weeks but man oh man there is nothing like a scoop of peanut butter. I made my normal smoothie this morning but plopped a huge spoonful of peanut butter into it instead of almond butter. Let’s just say my mouth thanked me big time. Ha!  What else can I have for the next 3 days with peanuts?

As for the recipe testing this past week. We tested two different things:

The first one was One Pot chicken, rice and beans.  It was Awesome!  We will be making it again very soon. Doesn’t that look good?


The next recipe we tested was for waffles. We really wanted to have waffles last weekend but finding a GF recipe and then having it all on hand to make them is a whole other issue. We are starting to slowly build up our GF pantry so that we can live on phase 3 of the VD successfully.

So on Sunday Bill got up early and researched GF waffle recipes and found this one. He made them and a berry compote to go on top. Delish!  Yes, they had eggs in them and technically we aren’t suppose to have anything we’ve tested prior until we are done testing. But we figured this close to the end we could cheat a little.

Us cheaters?  Never, ha! I did NOT order pizza for dinner last week after the kids went to bed after a looooooong hard day with the kids. And Bill did NOT come home, give me a hard time about it and then proceed to have a few slices with me. Nope we did NOT cheat at all. And we did NOT lie in bed that night bloated, full of gas and rumble tummy. Nope not us because cheating is wrong. Ohhh so wrong ;o)

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